Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Skaði Fingerless Gloves

Skaði is the Norse goddess and giantess associated with skiing, mountains and winter. These fingerless gloves are a snug choice for winter, using moss stitch to create a dense yet stretchy fabric.
1 skein of Palette Vintage Worsted yarn (9 wpi) in Enamel
5mm (H) hook
Needle to weave in ends
Uses US crochet terms
Ch 25
Row 1: Single crochet around back-loops only. Slip stitch to first stitch, turn.
Row 2-9: Repeat as above. This should form back-loop only ribbing.
Hand portion:
Row 10: Moss stitch around (switch to crocheting in the round). Moss stitch = *1 single crochet into both loops, chain over next stitch* repeat *to*
Row 11 onwards: * **Sc into chain space, ch over sc**, every 5 **to** inc by 1 (sc ch sc ch in 1 ch space)* repeat *to* 10 times
After: *Moss stitch around inc by 1 every 10 sts* repeat *to* 3 times
After: *Moss stitch around (no increases)* until the moss stitch fabric above the cuff measure around 2 inches.
Thumb hole: ch1, slip stitch into 7 moss sts before (14 loops – sc ch). Moss stitch around until measures 1 inch. Slip stitch and bind off.
Rest of hand: reattach at bottom edge of thumb hole. Moss stitch around until measures 2 inches from thumb divide.
Edging: *slip stitch in first loop, double crochet in next loop* repeat *to* until reach beginning. Slip stitch, bind off.
Weave in all ends.

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