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Idony Fingerless Gloves

Idony Fingerless Gloves

A simple stitch pattern makes the most of stunning yarn, and provides a great fit!



50g (about 170yd/155m) of Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin in shade Vergissmeinicht (14wpi), or another sock or fingering yarn

3.5mm (E) hook

About 60 beads

Needle for weaving in ends

Special stitches:

Crossed double crochet (crdc): Skip one stitch, double crochet in next stitch. Go back to skipped stitch, and double crochet in that stitch. Explained in more detail here.


Ch 30, sl to form ring

Row 1: 30 sc around

Row 2: Ch 3, 30 crdc around

Rows 3-9: 30 sc around

Row 10: Ch 3, 30 crdc around

Rows 11-2: 30 sc around.

Row 13: 2sc in first st, (place marker in 1st sc) sc 2sc in next stitch (marker in 2nd sc), sc around

Row 14-5: 2sc in markers and 1sc in rest on next two rounds so that have 7sts between markers

Row 16: Sc around

Row 17: 2sc in markers, sc in other stitches

Repeat rows 16-7 until have 15 sts between markers

Row 26 and continue until body of glove (above last crdc round) measures approximately 3 in.: Sc around

Thumb division: At first stitch marker, ch 4 and rejoin 13 sts along

Row 2-3(after thumb division): Sc around body of glove 2 rounds

Row 4: 3ch, crdc around (add bead to each dc if wish).

Row 5: Sc around once. Bind off

Thumb: Join next to first chain on palm of glove.

Row 1: Sc around until reach chain – sc2tog twice (15sts)

Row 2: Sc around until reach previous sc2tog – sc2tog (14sts)

Row 3- end: Sc around until reaches desired length. Bind off.

Repeat for second glove.


If you want to add beads, and don’t want to thread them onto the yarn at the beginning of the project, then do the crdc round and sc round, then cut yarn, rip back and add beads and redo crdc round and sc round.


10 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Very cute! My niece would love these in black with the beads. Thanks for the darling patter.

Diana said...

I'm confused by the instructions in rows 13-17 with the markers. Do you do two sc (2sc) and put a marker in the first of these two sc, then, in the next stitch, do a sc and an additional 2 sc? making a total of 3 sc in that stitch? Then, put a marker in the 2nd sc of that set? Then, in row 17, where do the markers come from? None were placed in row 16. Please help as I really like these and would like to stitch them. Thanks!

Saffy said...

Hi Diana

You do 2sc in one stitch, and 1sc in the next stitch, and then 2sc in the stitch after that, so covering 3 sts of the previous row. The markers should come in the first and last stitch of this sequence. You should just move the markers up in Row 16, as you don't do any increases. Hope that helps!

kqavenger said...

Love Love Love this pattern

CJ said...

Do you join with a sl at the end of a row or do you just keep working without joining?

Sarah Francis said...

Hi cj

You just keep working without joining.

The Doodle Pirate said...

Was just wondering what size these are? I'm trying to make a gift for my hair stylist and think these would fit the bill! She traced her hand out for me (mitten style) and just would like to know how wide across the wrist and fingers it is. Thanks!

Sarah Francis said...

Hi, I no longer have the originals in my position. I know that they fit me, and I am 6cm across the wrist, 10cm across the hand from the bottom of the thumb, and 8cm across the middle of the hand (not including thumb). I measured all of this flat across using a ruler, not round.

They did stretch, so probably fit someone who's a little larger. If they're a lot larger, then you could try making them out of DK yarn with a slightly larger hook.

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