Thursday, 19 November 2009

Rapunzel again and the joy of having a finished object

Rapunzel has lain dormant in my cupboard since it was finished during the summer. It is now November. The problem was the sleeves. I tried to pull them up so that I would have something on my shoulders, which meant they were too tight, and fell down anyway. I thought the only way to fix it would be to rip the seams and make the shoulder part larger. Well, a few days ago, inspired by another Rapunzel FO, I decided it was time to pull my own Rapunzel out the cupboard and wear it to a lecture. Instead of trying to pull it into the shape Rapunzel is meant to be, with a U shape neck, I decided to wear it as a boat neck, with the sleeves falling off the shoulder. Perhaps it was months hanging up in the cupboard, but the sleeves fitted! Hooray! I realised that I didn't have to rip the seams at all, I could just add extra panels to make it fit the U neck that I wanted. So that's what I did, sewed up the seams on the arms which were quite loose, and then blocked it (wet blocked because I don't have a clue about blocking, so just dunked it in the sink and then pinned it to a towel). The sleeves were looser, it isn't a weird shape at the the top and it is so snug and cosy for winter, hurrah!

It's not quite Rapunzel as it is meant to be, but it works. And I've been working on two huge projects (Zany by Robyn Chachula and the unnamed cardigan of strange yokes) so has missed the satisfaction that comes with something actually being finished *happy sigh*


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