Wednesday, 26 January 2011


For a day that isn't overcast so I can photograph my projects in decent light. My camera is small and needs lots of help. January days are not providing such help.

I have at least 1 pattern waiting for good light so I can take a picture of it. And another that I could publish, but I am currently on the fence about it. Some things work very well. But the main's just a bit ugly.

In the mean time, I'm meant to be writing my dissertation for uni. Creating patterns is much more exciting. I'm currently considering whether I would be able to make my regular hook into a Tunisian hook by sellotaping a straw to the end of it.

I haven't made a decision about the cardigan. I ordered three different colours of Malabrigo, but now they're here, none of them really fit what I'm looking for. I want something slightly semi-solid, that comes on long skeins, won't pill lots and possibly doesn't involve winding (although I managed to wind a ball without any problems last week, so perhaps I am getting better). Basically, an affordable UK version of Madelinetosh. I have weird dreams where I escape to academia in America (or Toronto) just so I can buy all the exciting American yarns without having to pay customs duty. doesn't look like it's happening soon (mainly because I've been a wimp and not applied to non-UK Masters courses), I'll have to remind myself that I'm lucky to have Rowan, Debbie Bliss, EasyKnits and Wollmeise easily accessible.

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