Thursday, 20 December 2012

Moth Shawl

Here is my latest pattern release - the Moth Shawl. It is a triangular lace shawl designed to be made from fingering-weight yarn. The lace is intended to represent tiny winged creatures. These are friendly moths who won't devour your stash!

The pattern is on sale for £3.50 at Ravelry, which comprises a PDF download containing written instructions, several charts and photographs.

The working on various permutations of this rule that the summer and I am glad that it is finally ready for release. A big thank you to my pattern testers for helping me to work out various kinks in the pattern and checking that it knits up well, and to my Dad for taking the lovely photographs of the shawl.

2 thoughts:

Rebekah said...

Lovely shawl! I noticed that a couple ravelers have made this a longer shawl than the original. Is the pattern easy to modify to make it longer?

Sarah Francis said...

Thank you! It's very easy to make it longer, you just have to repeat the chart (about 30 rows) again.

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