Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Alice II

A little update on how Alice is getting on. Mum came to visit a few weeks ago, and so we visited the sewing/knitting show in town and I purchased some buttons. Thus Alice no longer has scary scraps as eyes! I then made a knob of the cream wool as a nose, and used some burgundy for a mouth. I'm still not sure about the burgundy, but I tried the pink (same as hat) and that seemed to be worse, so burgundy it is!

After having the head sitting on my desk for a few weeks, I finally attached it to the body and styled the hair. I've decided, now that I can double crochet, to make the dress 
but that now seems like a long term plan. I'm fairly happy with the way that Alice is now!

Alice looking pensive:

Close up of the face, especially the button eyes. They don't quite match the clothing, but I fell in love with the colour.
Back of the hair, as an Alice I did consider putting her hair in an Alice band before settling on a double ponytail thing. Totally escapist - I always wanted a doll with whom I could fiddle with the hair in this way as a child. 

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