Sunday, 29 March 2009

Waikiki Scarf

It was Mother's Day last weekend, so I was finally able to give the scarf to my Mum. And as she has worn it since that day, then I consider it a success.

Made out of Stylecraft Life DK in Rose, with 5mm hook. It needed about a skein and a half, I think, though I didn't start with a full skein so I can't be sure. It was however, the first time I had finished a skein, so got to practise joining strands without knots.

I didn't quite understand the pattern to begin with, which meant that the first line is in the wrong place. But once I had worked it out, then pattern was easy to follow and the strawberry design has come out well.

Am now working on the cardigan, whose gauge square I made earlier. Bought 10 skeins of Wendy Mode DK in Teal (and one in blue) so am wondering how many I will actually get through!


Overview of repeating designs

The tassels. Which took quite a long time and refuse to lie flat.
Close up of one of the strawberries.
Close up of tassels.

The whole scarf. 

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