Monday, 14 September 2009

A Belated Rapunzel

I have put off writing this for quite a while. This is also a project that needs explaining as it doesn't quite look like it is supposed to. The pattern - Rapunzel by Aoibhe Ni Shuilleabhain has more of a u-neck, and I haven't yet decided whether or not I am going to add the buttons and ribbon next.

The pictures were taken the day after I finished stitching it all up, so the fit isn't quite there yet. It has stretched a little since then, the 'boaterish' neck has become more u-shaped and the sleeves no longer dig into my arms.

I made it in Sublime Kid Mohair, Smoke Blue, using a 6 and 3mm hook and made the medium size (possibly a mistake, I measured myself, and decided I was halfway between medium and large and plumped for the smaller option as I wanted a tighter fit).

I did back loops only, which was a mistake and possibly led to it coming up rather short (belly button length rather than the more comfortable hip length, and so had to add an extra 20ch round to the bottom to compensate and make it longer, luckily this doesn't seem to be too obvious. It did however stretch the neck into being too long (if I remember correctly) so I filled in with a row of dc (UK tc) in 6mm then the small 3mm pattern. I did it evenly all the way around, which led to the unfortunate loss in neck shape. As mentioned earlier, this has evened out a little with stretching. Probably my own fault for not following the stitch pattern properly. I'm still trying to decide whether to rip the collar part (an utter pain with mohair blend), or fill it in a bit more. I have however worn 'Rapunzel' a few times since the pictures were taken (on Lindisfarne, happy day) and it has been nicely warm enough for cool summer nights.

Did I mention Lindisfarne is radiantly beautiful? That arch is from the ruined medieval priory.

Lindisfarne Castle in the background. We walked there, but it was shut when we reached it :(

In other news, being the crocheter in the family, I have inherited a large number of needles from my grandmother. So many needles...

For a very small haul of crochet hooks! Most of them are plastic, which I am unsure about. But there are two 4.5mm, which is the size that was missing from my collection, as well as a tiny hook which I suspect might be a 2.75/2.5mm (it's smaller than the 3mm hook I own).

All these knitting needles have inspired me to try to knit. I've had several unsuccessful attempts over the years, but thanks to knitting tips by Judy and my Mum showing me you have to turn the fabric over when you purl so that you get stockinette, I think I have cracked it! Hooray! This may turn into less of a crochet blog, as I am already favouriting various knit garments on ravelry, although I'm not so keen on the slowness of the process.

I am currently making a hooded cowl in Noro Silk Garden on circular needles (much fun) - I am very much in love with the colorway of Silk Garden - each rib has ended up a different colour, which is a wonderful effect. Indeed, I wish that Noro made skeins in the blue, pink and purple colours separately, as they are so rich, glorious colours (did I mention before that I tend to fall in love with colours rather than patterns or texture? Seriously, if it wasn't for this Silk Garden then knitting may have been abandoned once again).

Yesterday we were clearing out the garden, ready for builders, and I managed to save three small bagfuls of petals from begonias and geraniums we were throwing away. Am trying to decide what to do with these delightful pinks and reds. At the moment, I think I will press them, and then decide what to do with them. Possibly use them on cards, possibly made some paper and incorporate them, possibly some kind of pot pourri...

Made this gorgeous Swedish chocolate cake (Kladdkaka) a few days ago. Very easy to make, if sticky and difficult to remove from the tin!

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