Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I forgot a colour.

Blue scarf.

Blue scarf is a hybrid. A crossbreed. A mongrel. At first glance, you think that it is just one pattern. A comforting popular pattern. Kernel from Knitty. Look there are the kernels. Then you realise that this was the first lace project that this crafter made, and that the kernels aren't always kernels, the yarn overs are misplaced and sometimes there are extra k2togs.

And upon further inspections you find that there is a join. Hastily, messily stitched, this kernelly scarf has been attached to another.



This other scarf seems to be someone's second lace project. Some representation of Nancy Pegora Merino Lace Scarf. Cruelly stitched to the Kernel until the join breaks.

Nancy Pygora Merino Scarf, not in Pygora Merino

But beloved. This is the scarf style mentioned in my previous post on the red scarf. You can button it up and push the end of the scarf in the gaps and it's perfectly warm. The Easyknits Skinny Semi-solid is a great blend of muted colour, warmth with being cloying and stitch definition. And it's grace to embrace our mistakes  -two scarves that ended up too small, stitched together into a wonderfully functional item.

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