Monday, 5 September 2011

Esmée in UK Terminology

I've converted the Esmée pattern into UK terminology (dc instead of sc, and tr instead of dc). It should be available to download alongside the US terminology pattern when you buy it on Ravelry. There weren't any drastic changes to the pattern aside from changing letters, but hopefully it will be easier for people who are fluent in UK terminology to understand! Please let me know if any parts are unclear, or if I accidentally left in a rogue 'sc' or changed some letters that shouldn't have been changed (eg dchematic rather than schematic!).


I'm not really working on any projects at the moment. I am awaiting some Quince and Co yarn from Loop, which I intend to make into some swatches to try and submit to various publications. However, most of my time is taken up with making notes for my Master's dissertation, which I am starting at the beginning of October.

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