Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fingerless Gloves

This will require some imagination, because I sent these gloves off to my friend without taking a photo of them. Just imagine these (nb pdf) in the red colour of Dorian the dinosaur. Very simple single crochet, but I managed to make the bottom band in rows without severely reducing the number of rows so that it ends up like a pennant rather than a straight scarf. I made them a little smaller than the design as I have small hands, and judging from pictures of my friend and I together, her hands are similar size to mine (she's currently living 200 miles away so getting her to try them on throughout the process was not possible). My first attempt was a little too small and constrictive - a little painful. I wore them for a while after completing them, and they were exceedingly warm and useful for sitting in a warm room and typing!

My next project will either be a birthday present for a friend here - I may make the gloves again, though I dislike repititon, or a birthday present for my friend 200 miles away, am currently thinking of using the rest of red wool to make something to match the gloves. Perhaps a hat or a scarf (remembering my previous scarf endeavour, I am a little wary of embarking on a scarf project!)

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