Friday, 27 February 2009

Sleepy Sarah Doll

Pattern is from Owlishly. It is called 'Sleepy Sarah' but my own attempt has ended up more like an awake gnome, due to using beads for eyes rather than sewing asleep eyes (I don't really have any black thread, which is why I chose to make the doll awake rather than asleep).

I used Stylecraft Life DK Mint for the green parts, which I do like. It's not too rough and not too fuzzy. Patons UK Fab DK in cream for the face. Changing from Mint to Cream was a little difficultand has resulted in mint filtering into the side of the face on the right. The body and arms were fairly simple, and I made it fairly quickly when not procrastinating.

Have just finished the 'body' of the hat that will go with the scarf. Now have to decide whether I want to add embellishments or not. 

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