Friday, 10 April 2009


My crocheted cardigan is done, and goodness, it's taken quite a while (4 weeks) but it looks awesome - in my favourite colour, designed for me rather than a generic size in a shop, and well - I made it. That is a great sense of satisfaction. I plan to wear it tomorrow, to check that it's ok to wear, not just to make. I am going away so there will be a delay in pictures.

Whilst I am away, I am intending to tackle the Sea Shells Crochet Scarf and also the Meadow Scarf from Inside Crochet. I've already started the Sea Shells scarf in the Just Soya yarn I bought, as an attempt to find out what soya yarn is like (rather cotton-like and not at all like the acrylic/wool/merino yarn that I have been using!). I intend to do the picot edge in another new yarn I bought to try out - Twilley's Freedom Gorgeous 4 ply, which is a bamboo-nylon mix. I haven't used bamboo (or 4 ply!) before so this is all a learning experience. The yarn is a green colour, which I don't think fits too well with the dull red-pink of the Just Soya, but this is just a try-out to see if I like either yarn, rather than a big project.

I bought the Inside Crochet magazine yesterday, rather unexpectedly. I had walked into the WH Smith magazine section, commenting to my accompanying friend that I doubted they would have any crochet magazine. Instead they had both Crochet Today and Inside Crochet so I was both pleasantly surprised, and subjected to the arduous choice of which to buy. I really liked (and like) the Lacy Cropped Cardi on the cover of Crochet Today, but I own Crochet Me! which has the similar Comfy Cardi. I think I was also a little seduced by the bright pink of the cardi, I do tend to fall in love with colours rather than designs. In the end, Meadow Scarf, River Road Cardigan and Pretender Beret all looked like patterns that I might attempt, so Inside Crochet was the better choice. I also love the colours on the Ellie bolero, but sadly lack any suitable child to make it for. Now I just have to remember to read the magazine using my British crochet terms brain!

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