Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Cardigan

So this post is to go through more details relating to the cardigan, and to show pictures. 

1) Picture:

It is probably going to be the only picture for now, so I reserve the right for it to be large. The location is Ronda in Spain, note that I am not always in such a fantastic location to show off my items. It was very windy - this is literally the only picture I have where my hair isn't in my face.

So, what does the photo show? 
1) It's quite a long cardigan - I had intended to make it the length that you can sit on it, but not too long. When crocheting, the back was shorter than the front, which caused me to make it a bit longer...and then it stretched! The shirt I'm wearing in the picture is more of a tunic - I have never been able to find a cardigan that completely covers it. As the photo shows - the cardigan (I think I need a better name for it...) does. 

2) One button. I bought seven, and fiddled with them, considered all the other photos of projects of the tutorial (by milobo) on Ravelry, and finally decided to use just one, if it doesn't work then I'll put in a proper button band, with five+ buttons, but as it is summer then I don't want anything too buttoned up. The button ended up next to the eyelet pattern, for ease.

It took 7 skeins of Mode DK in Teal, which is 350g - just less than the pattern asked for (it was something like 380g, but I took out about 5 rows of the yoke because I realised it was getting too long). I love the colour, I've used that colour several times for several projects and it makes me happy. 

In other news - I made the Meadow and Sea Shells scarves on holiday, and am now working with 'interesting yarns' - Sirdar's Crofter DK to make a scarf, and Rowan's Tapestry (a bit urgh) to make the Pretender Beret. But that will be posted later.

Friday, 10 April 2009


My crocheted cardigan is done, and goodness, it's taken quite a while (4 weeks) but it looks awesome - in my favourite colour, designed for me rather than a generic size in a shop, and well - I made it. That is a great sense of satisfaction. I plan to wear it tomorrow, to check that it's ok to wear, not just to make. I am going away so there will be a delay in pictures.

Whilst I am away, I am intending to tackle the Sea Shells Crochet Scarf and also the Meadow Scarf from Inside Crochet. I've already started the Sea Shells scarf in the Just Soya yarn I bought, as an attempt to find out what soya yarn is like (rather cotton-like and not at all like the acrylic/wool/merino yarn that I have been using!). I intend to do the picot edge in another new yarn I bought to try out - Twilley's Freedom Gorgeous 4 ply, which is a bamboo-nylon mix. I haven't used bamboo (or 4 ply!) before so this is all a learning experience. The yarn is a green colour, which I don't think fits too well with the dull red-pink of the Just Soya, but this is just a try-out to see if I like either yarn, rather than a big project.

I bought the Inside Crochet magazine yesterday, rather unexpectedly. I had walked into the WH Smith magazine section, commenting to my accompanying friend that I doubted they would have any crochet magazine. Instead they had both Crochet Today and Inside Crochet so I was both pleasantly surprised, and subjected to the arduous choice of which to buy. I really liked (and like) the Lacy Cropped Cardi on the cover of Crochet Today, but I own Crochet Me! which has the similar Comfy Cardi. I think I was also a little seduced by the bright pink of the cardi, I do tend to fall in love with colours rather than designs. In the end, Meadow Scarf, River Road Cardigan and Pretender Beret all looked like patterns that I might attempt, so Inside Crochet was the better choice. I also love the colours on the Ellie bolero, but sadly lack any suitable child to make it for. Now I just have to remember to read the magazine using my British crochet terms brain!

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